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The Course we Provide Complies with Michigan Act Section 5j of 1927 PA 372. The Course is a One Day, Eight(8) Hour Course which Consists of a PowerPoint Presentation, Practical, In Class Exercises, A Written Test and Hands on Training at a Firing Range. 

When You Leave, You will have the Knowledge and Training in safe Use and Handling of a Pistol. You will also Learn Important Aspects of Owning a Pistol such as: 

   -Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition as it pertains to Safety           
   -Ammunition Knowledge and The Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting.
   -Pistol Shooting Positions.  
   -Firearms and the Law, Including Civil Liability Issues and the use     of Deadly Force      

You will also be Provided with the Knowledge and skills Necessary to Avoid a Criminal Attack as well as how to Control a violent Confrontation.

You will Learn all of the Laws that Apply to Carrying a Concealed Pistol In Michigan, and Reciprocity in Other States.

This Course is Designed to Promote Safe Gun Handling and Provide Michigan Gun Owners with the Knowledge and Skills Necessary to Carry a Concealed Pistol with Confidence as well as Giving you the Tools Necessary to See the Early Warning Signs of a Potential Attack

This is an Introductory Pistol Class Given by an NRA Certified Instructor and Detroit Police Officer

Upon Completion of the Course you will be Issued a Certificate of Completion the very same day. 

The Price Is $120 which Includes Course Materials, Range Fee, Eye and Ear Protection, Gun Rental and Ammunition. 

We also Offer Group and Couple Discounts as well as Private Sessions at a Location Of Your Choosing for an Additional Fee. 

HomeServicesUpcoming Dates